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We’ll Maintain the Health of Your Turf & Shrubs

Total Lawn Care, Inc provides a wide range of turf and shrub fertilization services throughout Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas. From fertilization to routine maintenance, our team does it all – and for an affordable price, too. For plants to flourish, they first need a healthy, nutritional foundation. And that’s where we come in. We have the tools, experience, and equipment to give your turf and shrubs their best chance. We offer a wide variety of fertilizer blends and can accommodate almost any plant. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured we’ll have your landscape happy and healthy in no time.

maintained shrubs

Our Premier Turf & Shrub Fertilization Services

From weed control to insecticide applications, Total Lawn Care, Inc offers a wide range of premier turf and shrub fertilization services. Below are some of our most requested turf and shrub fertilization services in Asheville, NC:

  • Turf & Shrub Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Tree Trimming
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Insecticide Applications

The Importance of Fertilization & Soil Care

Turf and shrub fertilization and soil care help create lush, green landscapes with more durability than the average lawn. Nutrients are needed for a lawn or landscape to be healthy and flourish. While high-quality soils are made with fertilizer, soil loses most of its nutrients naturally over time. The professionals at Total Lawn Care, Inc offer turf and shrub fertilization services to ensure your landscape remains green, lush, and healthy. Your landscape will look and feel better and last longer as well. We provide a trusted approach to fertilization and soil care while giving you the results you want and deserve.

Choose Total Lawn Care, Inc Today

For your convenience, Total Lawn Care, Inc provides a wide variety of turf and shrub fertilization and soil care services at affordable prices. We have many years of experience in the lawn care and landscape design industry. Take the burden and hassle out of arranging for turf and shrub fertilization and soil care each month by signing up for our 12-month plan. We’ll keep your landscape looking great. Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable staff today for a free estimate. When you need expert turf and shrub care, contact our experienced landscapers for the best results.

Premier Lawn Care Services in Asheville, NC