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Our Services Can Prevent Compaction in Your Lawn

When looking for professional aeration and seeding services in Asheville, NC, look no further than Total Lawn Care, Inc. As a result of normal usage or a new construction project, your lawn’s soil may become compacted. But if you properly aerate your property, your water and fertilizer applications will be more efficient. Our crew can perform these tasks for you. Aeration is the mechanical removal of soil cores from a lawn or landscape. When coupled with seeding, it can provide a wide range of benefits for property owners. Not only does aeration reduce soil compaction, but it allows roots to grow and expand. With aeration and seeding, you’ll notice enhanced turf quality and durability.


The Benefits of Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and seeding provide a wide range of benefits for property owners. Additionally, seeding at the time of aeration will make your lawn healthier, more beautiful, and more durable, which will allow more activity without the usual signs of wear. Below are some of the many advantages of aeration and seeding:

  • Improved Water & Fertilizer Efficiency
  • Healthier & Deeper Grass Roots
  • Reduced Soil Compaction
  • Healthier Lawn
  • Improved Lawn Appearance
  • More Durable Lawn
  • Reduced Thatch
  • Improved Soil Quality
  • More Space for Roots to Expand & Grow

Choose Us for Aeration & Seeding Services

Whether you need a one-time service or you’re interested in an annual contract, we’ve got you covered with the best aeration and seeding services in Asheville, NC. Allow our excellent landscapers to care for your lawn or garden today, and we promise you’ll love the results. When you choose Total Lawn Care, Inc for aeration and seeding services, you’ll have a healthier, greener property in no time. For more information or a free estimate, get in touch with us today.

Premier Lawn Care Services in Asheville, NC