Insect Control

Keep the Bugs Away From Your Landscape 

Part of having a lovely patio to sit on in your backyard is pure enjoyment. How can you find any pleasure in this when you have annoying flies and mosquitoes buzzing around? Call Total Lawn Care now and our experts will help rid you of these pests.

Say Goodbye to Bothersome Insects

When the bugs bite, it can really put a damper on your picnic not to mention give you a bad taste in your mouth as far as the baked beans and burgers go. We can solve this issue.

Get in contact with our office today and we will give you a FREE estimate.

What We Do

  • Mosquito removal
  • Tick eradication
  • Pesticide spraying
Mosquito control
Get FREE estimates on our insect control services. To learn more, call us at
For your convenience, we now offer mosquito control. Keep the bugs at bay and call Total Lawn Care today!
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