Aeration & Seeding

Avoid Compaction in Your Lawn

When you are looking for professional lawn care services, look no further. Whether by normal usage or a new construction project, the soil of your lawn can become compacted. When you receive proper aeration of your lawn, you will get more efficient usage of water and fertilizer applications. Our crew can perform all of these tasks for you.

Simultaneous Aeration and Seeding 

Seeding at the time of aeration will make your lawn healthier, more beautiful and more durable, allowing more activity without the usual signs of wear.

Get in touch with us today and ask about our 12-month contracts. Allow our amazing landscapers to care for your lawn and garden today.

Benefits of Aeration

  • Water / fertilizer is used more efficiently
  • Minimizing of thatch
  • Healthier and deeper grass roots
  • Soil compaction is reduced
  • Healthier lawn
  • Improved lawn appearance
  • Ability of lawn to withstand more activity
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